Your best prep for the journey ahead - the Baby Bundle! 

Receive one of the best preparations for labour and birth "Birth with Confidence" - by popular birth educator, Rhea Dempsey, to use through your pregnancy and guide you towards a positive birth experience. You'll also have the unique Clary Sage + Lavender essential oil rollerball - the only product like this! This product can be used to relax and stimulate labour from 37 weeks, and used to strengthen contractions and aid a smooth birth once you're in labour. The lavender oil blend also helps keep you calm and focused throughout your labour and birth.

Then, you're good to go with breastfeeding, as you'll already have the amazingly delicious Franjo's Kitchen Lactation Cookies (*gluten free on request!) to eat whenever you need a healthy snack, with the benefit of supporting a plentiful supply of milk for your babe. Simply choose your desired cookie flavour upon purchasing!

RRP $66.85 for all three products, discount applied when bought in this bundle.

The Baby Bundle

Franjos's Lactation Cookies

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