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My name is Helen, and I have been a registered midwife and nurse for almost 10 years, I'm dedicated to helping new mums and new families navigate the world of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

After consolidating my university studies at a large tertiary maternity hospital in Victoria, I did a stint of midwifery in the Northern Territory, then returned home and began working as a caseload midwife - looking after my own patients and being on-call. This role inspired me to examine the available research relating to each woman to achieve the best outcomes for her and her baby. I then completed my Master of Midwifery, learning advanced practice skills and completing a study that looked at the experiences of student midwives following women through their maternity experience. I was very lucky to be able to present these findings at an international conference!

After this, I followed a big passion of mine and took up a position at a University, educating the next generation of midwives. I'm also completing my PhD (more on that later), but at the moment I'm on a little study pause after welcoming my first baby, Emilia, at the end of last year!

I'm all about individualised, sensitive and empathic care during pregnancy, birth and afterwards, and that's why my site contains real, evidence-based information, without the scaremongering. There's nothing graphic or confronting involved without a warning, and you don't have to click through if you don't want to be exposed to that material. I'm hoping to help you navigate the many varied, confusing topics in maternity care where conflicting advice and opinion are often given, so that you may be more informed and able to make decisions best for you, wherever you are at in your journey, and that you feel comfortable and satisfied with your journey!

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