• belly shot.JPG

    Caitie's story

    postdates pregnancy, induction of labour, young mum

  • labour.jpg

    Victoria's story

    Past traumatic birth, low ovarian reserve, natural birth 

  • Maternity photo.JPG

    Kim's story

    Hyperemesis gravidarum, preterm labour, gallbladder attacks, induction of labour

  • twins_edited.jpg

    Jean's story

    Mental health, twins, difficult pregnancy, twin vaginal birth

  • Emilia.JPG

    My story

    High risk pregnancy, C-Section, NICU stay, postnatal anxiety

  • vbacimage.jpg

    Jess' story

    Fertility treatment, birth trauma, PTSD, PND, desired VBAC

  • Candi first baby.jpeg

    Candi' story

    Induction of labour, vaginal birth, postnatal anxiety, miscarriage, low-lying placenta, C-Section

  • brooke2.png

    Brooke's story

    suspected big baby, induction of labour, C-Section, breastfeeding struggles

  • waterbirth best.jpg

    Ashleigh's story

    Uneventful pregnancy, pre-labour ruptured membranes, long labour, active birth, water birth

  • luca newborn.png

    Jemma's story

    Miscarriage, post dates pregnancy, induction of labour, Caesarean Section

  • henley new.jpg

    Alex's story

    Surprise pregnancy, hypnobirthing, induction of labour, natural birth

  • Rainbow twins.JPG

    Bodhi & Layla

    A very special story about two rainbow twins, preterm birth and successful VBAC

  • kylie 1.jpeg

    Kylie's story

    Fertility treatment, older mum, postdates pregnancy, induction of labour, C-Section

  • butterfly baby.jpg

    Caitlin's story

    PCOS, pregnancy loss, rainbow baby, induction of labour, natural birth

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