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    My top 10 FAQ

    My answers to the questions I get asked all the time!

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    Tips for starting labour

    100% natural!

  • bf image.jpg

    Breastfeeding 101

    Everything you need to know before you start!

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    Listening versus hearing

    An essential skill for midwives

  • Birth Trauma & PTSD

    The rise of Birth Trauma & PTSD

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    Get off your back!

    Why the bed is your enemy during labour

  • student midwives.png

    Student Midwives

    My top tips for success

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    All about Acupuncture

    Q&A with a fertility-specialist acupuncturist

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    Safe Sleep for Babies

    Set up your baby's sleeping areas to keep them safe

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    Help a NICU Mama

    Practical advice and tips on supporting NICU parents

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